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Parental Discussions and Workshops

How to keep and maintain heritage languages in your family.

Beginning in 2007, DSSLI hosted a parental discussion group, which was open to parents of all languages. It served as a forum for interested parents to share their experiences in raising multilingual children. Parents used the opportunity to exchange tips and "tricks" and lend each other support as they struggled with keeping their native language alive for their children's benefit.

In the following pages we make some of the collected information and links available for easy reference. If you have related information or links to other resourced to share, we would like to hear from you.

Discussion and workshop topics PDF Print E-mail

Although there are currently no more meetings scheduled, DSSLI would be happy to rekindle the effort among interested parents. Perhaps you may wish to organize the next round of group discussions. We would be happy to assist you. As an outline for future discussions, the MSLG group suggested a list of potential topics.

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In a cycle of four meetings, the MSLG group examines typical multilingual family situations. Parents may find some useful information in these descriptions of individual experiences.

Classifications of Bilingualism/Multilingualism PDF Print E-mail
See Bilingual Upbringing of Children in the Home.
Bilingual parenting by Nadine Lichtenberger PDF Print E-mail
See Raising German/English Bilingual Kids: Part One, a guest feature at german.about.com (republished there with permission from The German Way and More).
12 Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids PDF Print E-mail